This blog is intended to post some stuff on the greatest Vedanta scripture yoOga vASishTha also called as “jnAna vASishTha” during my study of this scripture.

I refer to the following books:

1. Yoga vAsishTa of vAlmIki, Edited by Ravi Prakash Arya

2. The supreme yoga – “A new translation of the yoga vasistha” by Swamy Venkatesanada

3. Laghu Yoga Vasistha, Translated into English by K. Rarayanaswami Aiyer

4. Yoga Vasishta sara, selected versed (by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi) translated by Swami Sureshananda.

5. Yoga Vaasishtha Ratnaakaramu by SrI vidyaaprakaaSaanandagiri swami of suka brahma ashramam sri kaalahasti.


6. Got SrI yOgavAsishThamu translated into Telugu by SrI pUrNAnanda swami of SrI vyAsASramamu to this list.

December 2014

7. Got all volumes of yOga vASishTha hRdayamu by SrI kuppA vEnkaTa kRshnamUrti gAru.

and many other online resources as and when available.

None of the ideas represented on this blog are completely my OWN. They are influenced by the great seer’s starting from VasisTa, Vaalmiki all the way till my Guru.

If any of the ideas are liked by the readers of this blog, the credit goes to the seers. If there are errors, they are completely attributed to my own individual ignorance. Please let me know by posting a comment regarding any of the errors.

om tat sat


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