Interesting account of suraghu and parigha

Continuing the discussion on last post, bhagavAn vaSishTha said: O rAma, as all the teaching of sounds is for the sake of realization of truth, so let me narrate an ancient account of a king suraghu of kirAta kingdom known as hEmajaTa that is on one of the peaks of Himalaya range. suraghu was powerful, knowledgeable, tribal king who expanded his empire and ruled his territory very well. As years passed, he felt even though he has been righteous, probably he could be doing several mistakes in performing his duties as a king and that could lead him to the bode of sinners. One day sage mAnDavya came to his palace. Having duly worshiped the sage, suraghu asked:  “Oh great sage, I am confused about the duty I perform. During the course of punishing the wicked and ruling this kingdom, I may be committing mistakes and that could accrue sin on my account, please tell me a way to come out of this nagging doubt in my mind”

Sage mAnDavya replied: “Oh King, by vairagya and tyaga you should inquire into the true nature of your self and mind to come out of all doubts at once. That will lead to rise above the duality and reach eternal fulfillment.”

“It is the mind that takes the shape of doubt, it is the mind that takes the form of the clarification as well. It is the mind that is causing you the doubt and it is going to be the mind that alone makes you feel clarified. – beyond all these changing forms find the true nature of your self by asking yourself who am I?”

Having explained some more detail Sage mAnDavya left the place to his own silent abode.

King suraghu took the advice from sage mAnDavya and inquired into the self. He rejected all the concepts and finally reached the ultimate realization declaring “namO mahyam anantAya samyak jnAnOdayAya ca”  “I bow down to my self, infinite, completely realized as well.”

Having given up the ignorance, just like sage viswamitra attained the brahmanyam through brahma jnana, suraghu continued performing his duties.

Lord rAma asked: “O great sage, is it sufficient to get the thorough understanding just once? The mind is of very wavering nature. Will it stick to one time realization?

bhagavAn vaSishTha said: O rAma, listen to this great discussion between the suraghu and his friend rAjarshi parigha, which will answer your question.

parigha, king of pAraSika kingdom a good friend of suraghu. Due to a great famine in his kingdom, parigha took to severe penance for a long period. In due course his sons looked after his kingdom. Over a period of time the situation become better and came to a normal stage. parigha continued his penance and lord appeared before him and granted a boon. parigha wished for clarity and purity of his mind. Lord granted his wish. Due to the purity and clarity of mind, very quickly, parigha attained supreme realization of true nature of the self. Having given up everything, he lived a life of a mendicant going from place to place.

Once he came to the hEmajaTa kingdom where the suraghu is ruling. Both friends met and discussed several things. Suraghu said, I have attained realization due to the grace of mAnDavya muni during the course of discussion. Having heard this, rajarshi parigha questioned: “Oh sinless one! are you able to spend sufficient time in samadhi while performing all your duties?”

for this question suraghu answered: “Oh mahatma, what is samadhi if the seeds of attachment in the heart is not burned down? Is it just sitting in baddha padmasana controlling senses? No. The realization of true nature is the fire which burns all the confusions, desires and their basis of ignorance. Having burnt down all these, one establishes in the eternal nature. That is samadhi. I have been established in such a samadhi always. There is no coming and going out of samadhi. All the distinctions and the ability to make distinctions are gone from my heart. I do not get to have a time where I am not in my true nature.”

Having heard this answer parigha said: Oh great friend, you are verily established in truth. You achieved the highest realization beyond all the distinctions of mind, space, time and all the components of the experience called dRSya.

Having further discussed the dRSya bhrama, both the realized friends worshiped each other in wisdom filled discussion and left to their own activities.

bhagavAn vaSishTha instructs rAma again on the seven jnana bhUmikas (Old post: ) having his answered his doubt regarding realization.

My Notes: 

  1. The highest priority is to remove ignorance and realize the true nature of self. The path used can be self inquiry or tapas. It does not matter. The result of realization is non different in any path that has been achieved.
  2. We reach the end of 64th sarga of upaSama prakaraNa.
  3. Only a realized person can recognize the realization in another person. Never a non-realized person can judge the realization of another person including the own realization…..
  4. A realized person will not have any doubt regarding own realization or finds any distinction between self and the others.

om tat sat


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