Transactions or Transcendence?

Having heard the narration of uddAlaka, Lord rAma asked: In realized people some are engaged in transactions and some always stay in transcendence of samadhi? Who is better, of these two types of realized sages? Please explain.

bhagavAn vasishTha answered: Both of those, who has still engaged in actions and one who has given up actions are absolutely equal; as they have arrived at the state of non-confusion. Non-doer-ship of the mind, having answered all the doubts raised in it, attained composure – that is the transcendence – that is the highest, supreme good. O rAma!

Let’s take an example: A listener who is not listening to the discourse even though sitting in the front row, while the speaker is speaking lucidly about the subject is not a listener. He is not doing any action.  Similarly, one who is sleeping, appearing very peaceful to outside observers, but in his dream he has fallen into a big ditch and trying hard to get out of it. He is engaged in action. So, the doer is really the “mind”.

What is samadhi? is it sleep? is it waking? is it acting like peaceful? – NO. samadhi is real peace. Peace after all the seeds, traces of actions are removed from the mind.

praSAnta jagadAsthO’ntar vIta SOka bhayaishaNaH
svasthO bhavati yEnAtmA sa samAdhiriti smRtaH (sarga 56, SlOka 20)

Pacified, having removed the inward concepts of pain, fear and desire; in the world’s existence; whose self attained the original nature, he is known to be in samadhi.

Explanation with example: One who has sat on top of a hill appearing to be like a saint. All his mind is filled with worldly desires. Can we call him enlightened? Another gives up all his property, wealth and runs away to protect life from a calamity. Can we call him the one who has “given-up” everything? So, any one who does some sacrifice for the sake of name or fame, gives up things due to fear or sacrifices one desire for another desire – all these can’t be called as sacrifices. On the other hand, one has seen lumps of silver on the sea shore; he approaches them and having realized them only as shells reflecting light, smiles and turns away. He has not given them up due to fear, not due to another higher desire, not due to pain. He realized that the true nature of them and given them up. Does he give up anything at all? He gave up the false nature of attracting towards appearing reality. That is the highest type of giving up.

So, O rAma, seeing all beings as self, and seeing other’s wealth as a lump of mud just by the nature, not due to any fear (and other emotions mentioned above) is the real seeing i.e, realization. That is establishment in the TRUTH.

One who is established in TRUTH, there is neither transactions nor transcendence beyond them. They just do not bind.

Thus, we reach the end of 56th sarga of upaSama prakaraNa on the eve of SrI hEmalambi year pushya bahula EkAdaSi, shat tila EkAdaSI. 


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