prahlAda path – Lord vishNu’s intervention – Conclusion

All the efforts of dAnavas, trying to bring prahlAda back to senses went in vain after

Then without the leader the pAtAla became lawless and the powerful started exploiting the weak. Just like the bigger fish eats the small, the world of dAnavas gone into a situation of lawlessness which resulted in complete fall of danava race.

After his yOga nidra sleep, lord vishnu woke up and observed all the worlds; he looked at the world of gods, world of humans and then took a look at the world of dAnavas. Having seen the situation everywhere, he thought: “Oh! prahlAda’s inaction in the pAtALa made the dAnavAs weak. As there is no opposition, even the dEvas in swarga will gradually lose the interest in victory. This will lead to disinterest towards actions on the Earth. Finally before the stipulated time, all the three worlds will cease to exist due to inaction. So, let me get this corrected”

Thinking thus, Lord vishNu went to the place where prahlAda is in deep samadhi along with few of his ministers and then blown his conch shell called pAncajanya. The vibrations from the vishNu’s pAncajanya moved the life force which is stationary in the brahmarandhra of prahlada and the life force vibrated whole of the body of prahlAda. Lord vishNu said: “be conscious O king of dAnavAs!”

Lord addressed prahlAda: “O king, now you have realized the self and raised above the body and mind consciousness. There is neither death nor life for you. There is nothing either to reject or to accept to you. You need to be carrying out your duties, so come and occupy your throne and rule this world as long as the Sun and stars are shining. I will perform your coronation with my own hands”

Having said that, Lord vishnu performed the rAjyAbhishEka to king prahlAda.

Lord rAma asked: “O sage, you said prahlAda came our of samadhi by the sound made by lord vishnu’s conch? one who has completely disengaged with sense organs in deep samadhi, how the sound can bring the worldly consciousness back?”

bhagavAn vaSishTha answered: “O rama! prahlAda’s Atma is non different from Lord vishnu; it is the Lord Vishnu’s sankalpa that brought back the worldly consciousness in the being called prahlAda. As long as the body remains to a realized person the state is called jeevanmukti. After the body is completely dropped of the mukti is vidEha mukti. Jeevanmuktas can operate in this world for the sake of world’s operation as needed.”


  1. Sharing this on apara EkAdaSi of SrI hEmalambi year. (vaiSAkha bahula EkAdaSi today)
  2. With this we conclude three part narration of prahlAda’s path by reaching the end of 43rd sarga of upaSama prakaraNa of yOga vASishTha
  3. It is prahlAda’s own effort, devotion, lords grace as instruction to self-inquiry and then again lord’s grace to bring prahlAda back to his own duties shows that the importance of self effort in self-inquiry in the path of realization even if the devotee is completely surrendered to the lord by giving up all the ego. Without realization of self which is non-different from the supreme consciousness, the realization is impossible.
  4. om tat sat



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