prahlAda’s path – Part 2

Thus, having instructed by Lord Vishnu,  prahlAda started contemplating into the self:

“Who am I, that is talking, walking and doing all these acts in this world? I am not the external objective world filled with mountains and rivers. I am not the sense organ of sound, not of touch, not of form, not of taste, not of smell either as they are all unconscious. I am not even the mind full of temporary thoughts and imaginations. I am the basis of all these after removing all the impressions of the five sense organs which is the pure consciousness. Isn’t that pure consciousness is making everything evident? As the spark of the fire all these sense organs are functioning by reflecting the consciousness alone. Only through these sense organs the qualities are superimposed on the objects making them evident. Only due to this self-consciousness alone, I feel the heat in Sun and cool in Moon etc., ”

“I bow down to the self, whose consciousness is beyond all the modifications and the cause of all manifestations of modifications. As the self’s bhAvana all this is. (bhAvana means calling into existence, i.e., design or blueprint of creation) So, everything is self alone. I am so vast encompassing everything.”

“All this temporary design is limited by the time. Self is beyond time and able to envelope everything just like Sun’s rays at the same time. Even if encompassing three divisions of time it is never split into pieces. That is the Self.”

“As the experience of multiple sweets is only sweet, even though the objects are different the experience of them remains same, in the same way with multitude of objects, the experience of self remains same. Having ever realized of this fact self is not touched by the pain and pleasure.”

“I am that self that is beyond the space, time and experience and being the cause of all these, always untouched by any of these!”

mahyam tubhyam anantAya, mahyam tubhyam SivAtmanE; namO dEvAdhidEvAya parAya paramatmanE – Verse 114 of sarga 34 of upaSama prakaraNa

one in “for me” and “to you”, endless, auspicious, lord of all that shines, supreme, the supreme self – bow down to the self.

prahlAda said: oh! the self is everything external, the self is all components of the body, the self is the essence of everything, the self if making fire hot, the self is making everything work. One should only inquire into this self.

Just like an old relative who was not seen for long time, is not recognized even standing opposite, this self is not been recognized in the casual search.

All the movements of mind (cEtanA) and movements of body (kalanA) are supported by the self. It is also supporting all the external objective appearances at the same time making all the transactions possible.

What is the worry even if the mind is destroyed by such great realization of self? Only due to this baseless dependency on the ego and mind all the limitations are imposed on the eternal self. With the great knowledge the mind gets destroyed completely by breaking all the limitations imposed by the ego.

Now I am freed from the ego! Now I am freed from the mind. I managed to release my self and removed all the desires and made the self completely peaceful.

I remained victorious by opposing sense organs by sense organs, opposing the mind by mind, opposing ego by ego! I won the doubt by faith, won over the desire by dispassion, won over the ignorance by wisdom. Having purified all thoughts, removed the ego, having purified, I remain in transcendental independence.

How wonderful is this? How come I have been in the clutches of ego for so long? Who was that remained in the cover of ego all along? (The true self is never bound!!) 

Having wondered thus, prahlAda started praising the SELF:  O self, I have gained you after a long time by the grace. The distinction created by birth between you and me has been removed. I realized you (the SELF) who is ever fulfilled, the creator, the protector, I bow down to you. You are the transformer of this whole world, I bow down.

Victory to you who is bigger than the biggest, victory to you who is ever peaceful, victory to you who is beyond all the words, victory to you who is beyond birth and non-birth, who is beyond death and non-death, beyond creation and non-creation! Having realized true self I attained eternal bliss and peace.

Having praised the SELF and its realization prahlAda entered nirvikalpa samAdhi. Even all the asuras tried to bring him back to the worldly senses and failed….

to be continued….. in the next part.

My Notes:

  1. The contemplation, realization then describing the realization and then stotra to the supreme by prahlAda goes to more then 100 verses in each sarga. Wonderful to read!
  2. Sharing this on the eve of varUthini EkAdaSi of SrI hEmalambi year
  3. We reach end of sarga 37 of upaSama prakaraNa with this post.



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