Narration of bali – Conclusion


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As SukrAcharya appeared near the window where bali is sitting and contemplating, it appeared as if Sun is rising with the light that emitted from the guru. King bali performed due reverence with offering water for arghya and pAdya and asked: “O bhagavan, in your presence, my intellect is getting enlightened and making me ask this question. O divine sage, I have now developed aversion to this materialistic pleasures. Please instruct me on how to realize the supreme which can remove this delusion of the world appearance. O great sage, what is the limit for these pleasures and worlds? what is the nature of supreme? Who am I? Who are you? please explain me the essence!”

Sukra said: O king of dAnavAs! I am in a hurry going on an important thing. I have no much time. I will tell you precisely and quickly. This world is of consciousness i.e., cit. As it is governed by consciousness all that what is experienced is consciousness alone. As it appears in consciousness it is consciousness itself. You are also the consciousness. I am also that consciousness alone. This is the essential truth. If you are attentive and having faith, you will understand everything with this teaching alone. If you are not interested even if I teach you for long duration you will not be able to realize the supreme truth. Let me reiterate: Projecting limitations, concepts and actions on this consciousness is the bondage. The pure consciousness beyond the concepts of projected limitations is ever full i.e, pUrNam. If you can see that pure-consciousness by giving up all the limitations projected on it as “things” and “concepts” you will attain eternal freedom i.e, mukti.

As I mentioned earlier, the seven sages are waiting for me on a divine mission and I am leaving now. Even the realized people, as long as animating a body are bound by the duties. One should not demean his own duty! Having said this Sukracharya disappeared from the bali’s palace.

bhagavAn vaSishTha continued: Having heard the brief teaching of Sukracharya, bali started thinking like this: “All that the great sage Sukracharya said is correct. I am cit; this world is cit; all these actions are cit; if the Sun is not made to shine by the cit what would be the difference between the Sun and the darkness? If the earth is not made solid by the cit how will it be different from the water which is liquid. All these mountains, worlds, space, bodies all are conscious i.e., cit only. All these are experienced by the cit in me – never this body which is lifeless matter. What use is there for the wood like bones and mud like flesh around them?

I am the same cit that is illuminating everything else here cutting across all the distinctions. Even if this body identified as bali is cut into pieces the illuminating consciousness is not destroyed. All the concepts of like and hate are also governed within the consciousness alone and they are also the forms of cit only. My deep search for something not cit is failing without finding anything!

dRSya darSana nirmukta kEvalAmala rUpavAn; nityOditO nirAbhAsO drasTAsmi paramESvaraH. 

(27 sarga – 2o sloka of upaSama prakaraNa) I am seeing my SELF which is freed from the concepts of seen and seer, independent, pure form; which is ever shining (without rising and setting) blemish-less witness supreme lord!

Nothing can touch such true self of me and I bow down to my SELF.

As bali is immersed in such fullness and attained supreme silence and peace in deep samadhi rising above the three matras of OmkAra and established in the fourth artha-mAtra i.e., turIya. 

bhagavAn vaSishTha continued: There the followers of bali, ministers, commanders, army chiefs, subordinates finding bali completely motionless, sitting in the window, started worrying and prayed for their guru SukrAcharya. Hearing the prayers, guru of dAnavaAs, sage SukrAcharya appeared in front of them. Having appeared in front of them, he said: “O dAnavAs, your leader bali is established in highest samAdhi of infinite bliss. All his world view delusion has been removed. Let him be in that position. As time progresses, at some point on his own, he will come back to this world. You continue to carry-out the activities of the kingdom.”

Listening to this instruction from the guru, dAnavAs felt the relief and continued with their own duties as usual. After a thousand divine years, after hearing a loud drum noise, bali regained his worldly consciousness. Having gained the world consciousness he started thinking like this: “Oh! how great is the supreme reality, just being in there for a second gave me immense peace! So, let me get back to samAdhi.” As bali thinking like this, all his people came to know that bali has regained the consciousness and surrounded him.

Having seen all of them bali thought as follows: “What is bondage for me who is eternal changeless cit? Have I ever been bonded? Why do I seek liberation when I am never bound in first place? All my ignorance is completely removed. What ever may come may come. whatever may go may go. There is nothing to grow or loose. Nothing is gained nor lost either with contemplation or by no contemplation. I have no problem; I seek no solution. I am not dead nor alive. I am neither truth nor falsehood. As I do not have any trace of doership or agency in me, why can’t I engage myself in my activities?

Having decided thus, King bali smiled at his followers and took up his position as their leader. He performed several yajnas, he made all the beings came in contact with him contended with pleasing attitude.

O rAma! Even today, king bali continues being jeevanmukta i.e, liberated while alive in pAtAla as he is supposed to take up the role of Indra in future. I have narrated this “bali vijnAna prApti” to you so that just like bali, you also can determine your self as eternal changeless consciousness truth and get established is supreme non-dual reality!

Thus we reach the end of 29th sarga of upaSama prakaraNa on this auspicious Narasimha dvAdaSi day of SrI durmukhi year paraNa day of amalaki EkAdaSi


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