Narration of bali – part 2

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bali asked: O great soul, what is the technique to conquer this powerful minister? Please enlighten me.

virOchana answerd: O son! even though the minister is very powerful, with a technique you can conquer him. Like a small boy, you should first pet this minister. Turn him as your friend. Then you visit the King. Once you have access to the King, the minister will be under your control. Once the minister is in your control, you have access to the King.

As long as the King is not seen by you, the minister can’t be conquered. As long as the minister is not conquered, the King can’t be accessed.

So, the practice should focus simultaneously on both meeting the King and at the same time to conquer the minister. By remembering this you should gradually develop control over the field. This field is the basis of all forms just like the mud is the basis of all pots and pans.

bali asked again: What is the technique to gain control over this field and its basis memory?

virOchana answered: Removing attraction towards material pleasures is the only technique that can give control over this field O Son! This is the best technique in my opinion. If you practice this is easy, if you don’t practice this is most difficult technique.

Even a mighty man, who is not walking will not reach anywhere. Might alone is not sufficient, walking is necessary to reach the destination. In the same way, without practice, no mighty technique yields results. Practice to detach from pleasures and be dispassionate.

bali asked again: How can I gain dispassion?

virOchana replied: By introspection. introspect into your own actions. Do not leave things to the fate and assume responsibility of your own actions. Willingly give up attachment to materialistic pleasures. Look at the opposite aspects of pleasures at first. After some practice, you will develop a real detachment from them.

Engage yourself in righteous activities and earn money. With that money you go and associate with the people who are well versed with the scriptures and serve them. Association with wise people will naturally bring dispassion about the worldly pleasures.

Once your dispassion is real, you will rise step by step to control your mind and gain access to self.

I am sure you will attain complete dispassion in future and attain the ultimate position of sadASiva. To that, I salute.

Remembering the above discussion between him and his father, bali started thinking: Now I have got real dispassion from the material pleasures. I have no interest in any pleasures of any of the worlds. So let me call my guru SukrAcharya and discuss with him on the philosophical matters! Thinking thus, bali started meditating on his guru.

to be continued….

(This brings us to the end of 25th Sarga of upaSama prakaraNa on the eve of vijaya EkAdaSi of srI durmukhi year!)



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