Narration of bali – part 1

upaSama prakaraNa – sarga 22 – sarga 29 covers an interesting narration of king bali’s realization. Sharing this on the occasion of mahA mAghi i.e., of the full moon in the magha nakshatra. 

After narrating the history of puNya and pAvana, bhagavAn vaSishtha commented. “If not, O rAma! you may gain realization in a sudden manner like the dAnava king Bali.”

Lord rAma asked: O great sage, please explain me the way king bali attained realization for the purpose of enlightening me. I am interested to listen to you more and more as you teach this great subject. Please!

bhagavAn vaSishTha said: O rAma, below the earthly layer of existence there is pAtAla lOka. It has several wonderful regions filled with multiple types of beings and it is predominated by dAnavas. King bali, protected by lord vishnu ruling over that world. He has been ruling the kingdom for over 10 crore years by that time. Having seen several yuga cycles and enjoying all the pleasures of all the worlds while being as king, in bali arose dispassion. Sitting in a window built and decorated with best of jewels, bali started to think like this:- “How long shall I rule this world? How much more shall I enjoy these things? How many more great achievements should be there? What is the use of this large and vast kingdom of mine? What is the use with all these pleasures? Again comes a day, again comes a night, again and again the daily activities like bath, rituals. What ever has passed into past are coming back again and again. Again embracing beautiful women. Again having the same pleasures, again the same game, it appears like a foolish play than anything to take pride in! Why am I enjoying all these activities which have no real essence? This game of doing the same thing again and again appears to be madness. When all this will come to an end? Why the people are not looking for such a thing which is eternal? Let me find out such an eternal purpose, having attained that will not diminish.

Thinking like this king bali went into deep contemplative samadhi. When his awareness came back to the sensory world, he remembered a discussion with his father during his childhood. Once I had asked a question to my wise father, who has realized the ultimate essence of life.

Bali Asked: “Is there a ultimate place beyond all the miseries of life? Where will one get eternal peace? Is there a place which is naturally blissful independent of all the things? O dear father of great mind, please tell me”

virOchana replied: O son, yes, there is a wide place which can easily fit multiple thousands of worlds. There are no oceans, mountains, forests, holy places, land, sky, space, air, moon, sun, lords, trinity, daemons, or gods, beings, fire, desire, up and down, distinctions… none of these! A great effulgent, bright, all pervading, omnipotent king is there. There is a minister formed of the resolve of this king. This minister is always engaged in creating strategies and acting. This minister can’t experience anything on his own. He always performs actions. He alone performs all the actions of the king. The king is always remains in the peace without doing anything.

Bali Asked: O great mind, How to attain this place which is beyond the misery of body or mind? Who is this king? Who is the minister? How to win this king and attain that kingdom?

virOchana said: O son, even if you take millions of gods and daemons as your army, you can win this minister. No one including the king of gods, nor the treasurer, no one can conquer this minister. He has won over all the daemons even though he is not lord Vishnu.

Only one who can conquer this minister is the king alone. When the virtue becomes fruitful, viveka arises. In due course of time the king desires to conquer the minister. Just by this desire, king conquers the minister.

O son, by giving up the vyAmOha i.e, going around in the orbits, by single pointed concentration, if you win over this mighty minister, you are considered victorious. If you win him you will become the conqueror of all the worlds. So, with all your efforts, try to win over this minister.

to be continued… .

My Notes: The king is the self and the minister is the mind, the great world is the individual’s internal world.



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