On relations

We said everyone is connected at the end of the last post https://yogavaasistha.wordpress.com/2016/12/24/behaviour-of-living-enlightened-people/

Long back, on the mountain of mahEndra, on the banks of vyoma ganga river, there lived a sage named dIrghatapa with his wife and two sons. The elder son is called puNya and the younger one pAvana. Both the sons are also performing austerity. In due course of time the elder puNya attained the realization. While the younger one still seeking realization the father, sage dIrghatapa, who had freed from all attachments, left the body. His wife, using the method of yoga, gave up her body as well followed her husband.

By the sudden departure of parents, pAvana sunk into the deep shock and grief. But puNya performed the ritual of sraddha for his father and mother remaining unmoved by the events. Approaching grieving brother puNya said: “why do you bring this dreadful sorrow on to yourself my brother? Ignorance alone is the cause of all the flow of tears. Our father and mother have left the bodies which is a natural process and they have attained liberation. They attained infinite, nondual state of moksha by giving up the bodies. You,  by ignorant notions of father and mother grieving for those who are beyond all notions.”

“let me ask you one thing: Are you the only son to them? Are they the only parents to you? Just like a tree flowers and fruits in each season and the new plants are born from those seeds in every season, in each season the group of leaves are surrounding these fruits, you are taking birth and all the relations are built around that body in each birth. How many seasons passed in the past? In each of them you have parents in that way a large number of parents are passed. If grieving for passed parents is the right thing, then why are you not grieving for all those passed away in the past?”

“dear brother, you studied the scripture well, you know it all well, this appearing world is neither termed as true, nor it can be termed as false. In ultimate reality, there is neither birth, nor death. Then who is father and who is mother? By attaching to a frame of bones covered with flesh and blood and covered by a layer of skin, we build up the notion of ‘I am’. There are two ‘i’s here one is termed as pAvana and the other puNya. But, the bodies are not those ‘i’s. Is it not?”

pAvana said: “dear brother, these bodies are not the ‘I’, but the inward subtle body is the ‘I’ and it is still related to the others around here. Is it not? all these identifications of puNya, pAvana, father and mother are related to that subtle body.”

puNya asked: “Then do you think the subtle body is same across multiple bodies or it is different?” pAvana replied: “It is same, it won’t change with the body” Then puNya said:

“So, for that subtle body there are fathers and mothers in all the past lives. By my subtle vision I see that you are born as different animals, trees, lions, fish, monkey, and as prince, as a crow, as an elephant, as a worm, as a mosquito, as an ant and as my brother… not now, in a past life, then you became a beetle, then again my brother, then as a tribal and again as my brother now. Not only you; I had been through infinite lives, most recent as a parrot, a frog, a hawk, a crocodile, and many others. Last one is as a son of a teacher in Srisailam and now as your brother. Having known all this, for whom I should grieve? which set of brothers? which sequence of parents?”

“Dear brother, to conclude this remember this. you refer to “my relatives” is it not? first figure our the “my or I” component. Once you know the true nature of this I all the misconceptions will go away. With the removal of misconception, all the grief will go away. So, look inwards into your heart and realize the self”

Having instructed thus, the younger pAvana was able to compose his mind and perform the tapas and thereby attained realization. Having given up all notions, both the brothers lived as enlightened beings for a long time with wisdom and direct realization.

So, O rAma! just like the sages, gives up all notions, take the middle path equidistant from both extremes of notions of my friends and my foes and by giving up all the notions of desires and be liberated while living!

My Notes:

  1. Sharing this on the auspicious pushya putradA EkAdaSi of SrI durmukhi year. This ekadaSi is well known as “vaikunTha EkAdaSi” or mukkOTi EkAdaSi
  2. In infinitely orbiting time, we have all gone through multiple lives and all of us are related to all of us here in all possible ways at one point or the other. So, no one is really a friend or enemy if we remove the small body consciousness as ‘I’. This is a method of attaining universal consciousness of the self.



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4 Responses to On relations

  1. Mahesh Gollamudi says:

    Is subtle bodies composed of vasanas ?if yes ,are they different ?

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  3. really appreciate your effort !

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