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waking, dream and sleep

BhagavAn vaSishTha continued: Just like space, the supreme seed of life exists everywhere. In each individual there exists multiple worlds. Then in those worlds there are several individuals. Just like plantain leaves the individuals are covered in one another. As … Continue reading

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jIvana-khanDaka-avatAra – Appearence of individualised beings

At the end of last post, the question is about “how impure individual mixes with pure consciousness?” bhagavAn vaSishTha said: O rAmA! the world appearance for all individuals is only an appearance of tanmAtras and the difference is only in … Continue reading

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manOrAjya sammElanam – simultanious mental kingdoms

Last post concluded 16th sarga; Sargas 17 – 24 of sthiti prakaraNa contains deep discussions on philosophy. Let’s look at 17th sarga called manO rAjya sammElanam. Lord rAma asked: bhagavan! why did the imagination of bhRgu putra manifested? Why all … Continue reading

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