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Dream coming true for LavaNa

Having explained the gold-ring illustration, bhagavAn vasishaTha continued: O rAma, the day after the King LavaNa had the magical experience, he decided to go to the vindhya range to see the place he had become the tribal and had a … Continue reading

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The illustration of gold-ring – hEma-Urmi-upadESa

After explaining seven layers of ignorance and knowledge, bhagavAn vasishTha continued: O rAmA! just like the gold misunderstanding itself as a ring and fearing that it has lost gold-ness and acquired “ring-ness” rises the ego in the self. This forgetfulness … Continue reading

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seven layers of ignorance and knowledge

At the end of 116 sarga bhagavAn vasishTha mentions a sAdhaka climbs seven layers of knowledge. Lord rAma asked: O mahAtmA! knower of all philosophies! please explain me the seven bhUmis (layers) that lead to ultimate fulfilment. bhagavAn vasishTha said: … Continue reading

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