upadESa at the end of seventh day

Bhagavan VaSishTha continued:

O rAma, only a fool gets deluded by his own thoughts. In the imperishable, by imagining perishable, like a little boy, getting deluded. Wise are never subjected to this.

Lord SrI rAma asked:

O sage, one who is specialized in the knowledge of supreme! What is imagining this perishability? Is that the imperishable? Is the imagination real or itself delusion?

SrI vaSishTha replied:

Established in the delusion, the ahamkAra imagines perishability. In reality established in the universal reality, how can any ahamkAra exist? Hence, the ahamkAra has no existence in itself. Just like the water appear in the mirage due to the overheating of sand it appears.

As water manifests itself in the form of waves, it holds on to itself and starts imagining everything else. So, O rAmA, give up the delusion which is imaginary and hold on to the true nature of yourself which is eternal.

Do self-enquiry and give up false notions of self. Why do you think of being bound while not bound? How can an infinite self be bound? When the supreme soul is realized where is the assumptions of multiplicity or unity in it?

Supreme is untouched by the bodies. Even if the body is made into pieces what is lost by the soul? The relation between the body and soul is like that of a cloud and wind.

Mind alone is the subtle body of this experienced world. That alone is the power of desire which is not destroyed. The mind which is revolving within this cyclic series of births and deaths itself is undestroyable, how the supreme soul can ever perish?

eshA hi mAnasI SaktiH ishTA~nishTha nibaMdhiNI, anayaiva mudhA bhrAntyA svapnavat parikalpanA.

This power of mind alone can differentiate the desirable and undesirable things, brings forth delusion and imagines a long-lasting dream.

It is difficult to overcome this mind by force. If you leve it to act it increases the pain. It grows the delusion by further imagination. So, O rAma, by vivEka (discrimination) put the mind on the path of vicAra and direct it so that it can remove itself just like the mist of imagination disappears when the Sun rises.

O rAmA! The greatest dawn happens with destruction of mind. So, strive for complete annihilation of the mind.

My Notes:

This is 84th post on the blog. At this stage the seventh day discourse came to an end. Sharing this on SrI jaya nAma samvatsara SrAvaNa Sukla EkAdaSi known as putradA EkAdaSi or pavitrOpAna EkAdaSi.

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  1. Shashwat says:

    Sir, I think Sarga 101 is missing here.. Pls add that too.

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