Revivification of King Padma

Leela and Goddess Saraswati reached the apartment of King Padma where the second Leela is sitting beside the body of King Padma and devoutly fanning him thinking that he was unconsciousness due to the fatigue of war. Both Leela and Goddess can see the second Leela but the second Leela could not see them.

As the scene described by bhagavAn vaSishTha, Lord rAma asked: There is no mention of the body of the first Leela; What happened to it?

bhagavAn vaSishTha replied: The physical worldly body is not real. Only when the body is of TRUTH, then the question arises of “Where is it? Or what happened to it?” If someone dreams himself as a deer and after waking will he look for the body of the deer? Only those ignorant people going around in a giant-wheel think that the Earth is turning around, in the same way only ignorant of higher TRUTH alone experience the world.

rAma asked again: For the realized yOgi attains an ethereal body, then his physical body remain?

bhagavAn vaSishTha replied: O rAma! I have repeatedly told you that there only exists the ethereal body. There is no physical body. For yOgis there is no delusion of the world. They can appear as needed.

rAma asked again: What will the people think of King Padma’s world see the enlightened Leela again now? How will they behave with her? Will they think she is a Goddess like jyeshTha Sarma of girigrama or will they think she as the Queen?

bhagaVAn vaSishTha replied: They will recognize her as the Queen only. They behave with her just like they would behave with her Queen. The ignorant people experiencing the world view will not be able to distinguish between the physical and ethereal bodies. They just imagine the body to be physical as they experience from the senses. They will not be able to go to the basis of the physical appearance. They just experience the externally perceived view alone. It is impossible to know the whereabouts of the physical body of a jnAni (realized soul) just as it is impossible to figure out the whereabouts of the dream objects after waking up.

Lord rAma asked: O BhagavAn! Please enlighten me on where the dream objects vanish into?

As the movement in air (wind) merges back into the basis air itself, the dream objects merge back into the consciousness alone. As the wind (with movement) enters air (without movement) the dream objects appear in the consciousness alone. As there is no difference between the liquidity and water and movement and air, all that appears is consciousness alone. As the dream mountain becomes space of consciousness alone, in the same way after enlightenment the physical body becomes space of consciousness only.

Having clarified the doubts of rAma,  bhagavAn vaSishTha resumed the narration of Leela. Goddess Saraswati obstructed the jeeva of vidUratha to enter the body of King Padma. Leela asked Goddess Saraswati about how long was it from her attaining the enlightenment as per the world of King Padma and what happened to her body?

Goddess Jnapti (of memory) answered: O Leela! It has been a month since you have attained samAdhi. For first fifteen days your body has become vaporised and after that like a dry leaf it fell down cold. The minsters thought you are dead and took the body away and cremated with sandalwood and ghee. It has become ashes. If they see you now they will be surprised to see you coming back from divine world.

Lets be visible to the people here. Then Goddess Saraswati revealed herself and Leela to the people of King Padma’s world. Having seen them the second Leela worshiped them.

Goddess Saraswati asked second Leela: How did you come here?

Second Leela answered: I fell unconscious when seeing my husband vidUratha fell in the war. I was unaware of what happened much. I could not recognize this or that. When I opened my eyes I was in the sky, I followed my life-force and arrived here. When I see this house where my husband vidUratha sleeping due to fatigue from war, I  sat down here and waiting for him to wake up from his sleep. In the mean time you arrived here. This is what I have experienced.

Then Goddess Saraswati said, I am waking up your husband and let the jeeva enter the body of King Padma. Jeeva entered the body just as air enteres the nostrils. Slowly each of the limbs of king’s body attained consciousness and finally with a bright face King opened his eyes. Then he said “Who is there?”

Both the Leelas moved forward and said: “We are at your service your highness!” Having seen two identical Leelas King asked Leela “Who are you? And Who is she?”

Leela (enlightened one) said: O King, I am your earlier wife. She is also your wife created as a reflection of me for your purpose. The Goddess sitting on this golden throne is Goddess Saraswati.

Having heard this King looked at Goddess Saraswati and got up like Lord Vishnu gets up from the great bed of ananta Sayana. He offered oblations to Goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Saraswati blessed him with long life full of victory and moksha at the end and disappeared instantaneously.

Great amount of celebrations happened in the Kingdom of King Padma. All the people celebrated the great event of Leela bringing another Leela and revivifying King. A new coronation happened for King Padma. Both Leelas and King enjoyed remembering their wonderful experience.

By the grace of Goddess, King Padma reined the kingdom for eighty thousand years and then the couple attained vidEha mukti.

Thus ends the narration of Leela in 59th sarga of utpatti prakaraNa of yOga vASishTha mahArAmAyaNa.

Tomorrow is mahAshADhi, vyAsa pUja. This post was due on Sayana EkadaSi, but sharing on the eve of Guru pUrNima. Let there be grace of great gurus on one and all!


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