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Leela – Back to the Future

At the end of this post on Leela’s visit to the giri grAma, Leela was remembering each of the places of giri grAma and wondering about the time she spent as Arundhati there. Leela and Saraswati raised above from the world and have seen … Continue reading

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Leela’s visit to “giri grAma”

BhagavAn VaSishTha Continued: As this discusson progressing in the manDapa of Leela between Leela and Saraswati, everyone is in deep sleep. Both Leela and Goddess Saraswati merged into samAdhi and lost the external consciousness. They have taken the “jnAna dEhas” – “svAbhava kEvalam SAntam strii dvayam babhUva ha” i.e., they … Continue reading

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