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brahma pratipAdanaM – Establishment of “Brahma”

The 14th sarga of utpatti prakaraNa is conclusion of all the discussion on the aspect of “creation” of bhagavAn vaSishTha. Swami Venkatesananda gives three pages of transalation and picks three slokas 35, 36 and 47 of 85 slokAs. Sri vidyAprakASAnanda giri swami in his yOga vASishTha ratnAkaram picked up 9 slokas from this single sarga. That … Continue reading

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svayambhu utpatti varnanam

The thirteenth sarga of utpatti prakaraNam is called svayambhu utpatti varnanam (the description of the birth of the self-born) Bhagavan vaSishTha continued: The five fold seeds of tanmatras all are of the form of space (or the vivarta of intellect) do not have a solid reality but the … Continue reading

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