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jIvanukta lakshaNam, parama kAraNa varnanam

At this stage, Bhagavan vashiSTa gives a glimpse of the state of those who have reached their goal. शान्तसंसारकलनः कलावानपि निष्कलः । यः सचित्तोपि निश्चित्तः स जीवन्मुक्त उच्यते ॥ SAnta samsAra lalanaH – one who is quite/silent and silently disposes … Continue reading

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what is a good saastra?

The assumed true-ness of the seen world (dRsya) is there in the individual for a long long time and when someone says the seen objective world is not as true as the seeing subject; this statement contradicts the false knowledge … Continue reading

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