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vaktR-pRcchaka-lakshaNam; Qualities of a questioner and teacher

Having heard carefully about the “jnaavataraNam” – the descent of knowledge to the world, Lord Raama asks: श्रीराम उवाच । कथं ब्रह्मन्भगवतो लोके ज्ञानावतारणे । सर्गादनन्तरं बुद्धिः प्रवृत्ता परमेष्ठिनः ॥3॥ (of 11th Sarga) Why was the knowledge was given by … Continue reading

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Having completed the discussion on the “Karma” that should be known by a mumukshu, Bhagavan Vasistha moves on to the discussion related to the “jnana” i.e., the true knowledge. In order to avoid future births due to samsaara vaasanas one … Continue reading

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